Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Favorite Nings, A Song for the Ages

My dad loved MAD magazine. He waited for it to arrive at our house each month, and thought it was the epitome of cleverness and sophisticated humor. For him, is was in a category of slickery with Wylie Coyote and Rocky and Bullwinkle kind of humor; a kind of backhanded slap to the establishment in their own little way.

The 2 things I looked forward to in MAD were:

1. Spy vs. Spy (hysterical)
2. Re-Written Song Lyrics

The editors would take multiple, well known songs and re-lyric them with their own twist of sarcasm and irony.

This is why I couldn't resist this little ditty I've re-lyricked called "My Favorite Nings".
I'll let you guess the tune (clue: from the "Sound of Music"), and feel free to sing and sway along!

My Favorite Nings

Needles for knitting and books for my students
Funding for music and art would be prudent
Reading the latest in encounterings
These are a few of my favorite Nings

Desktops and laptops and tablets all over
Uploading photos of rolling in clover
Cropping and lightening and editing things
These are a few of my favorite Nings

When I'm panicked
Feeling Manic-ked
All my focus skewed
I just simply upload my favorite Nings
and quickly upgrade my mood!



  1. My dad was always a big MADD magazine fan, too. I love your lyrics! Very creative! It's one of Jason's favorite songs, so I am not sure how he'll feel about the remix. :)

  2. Very imaginative...I am not sure that I was able to give your lyrics justice with my singing voice.

  3. MAD Magazine will always remind me of my brother. I, too, enjoyed Spy vs. Spy! I also like the page that you had to fold to create another image. Remember those?

    MAD has an online subscription now http://www.dccomics.com/mad/ My how the times have changed!

  4. Oh what a walk through memory lane. My father was a MAD fan too. If our parents had Web 2.0 they would have had a blast blogging about their favorite things 2.