Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Okay, Where Did I Leave My NetVibes?

Alright, I get where this is going. The fog has lifted and I can see our target clearly. Customized start pages are all just about cherry-picking information that is just for me...or interests me. It brings me closer to the news lines and stories I want to follow. Maybe someone will customize a page to consolidate the "data path" for the political fallout of the former mayor of Detroit...Collecting that information on those criminals, payoffs, indictments, trials, sentences and impending book tours is a circuitous and time absorbing hobby. A train wreck so compelling that if I had to choose between breaking news of Monica Conyers and Sam Riddle or watching any of the "Godfather" movies, I would need a "picture in picture" TV. Then I would need a nap.

I digress.

I have been told that the reason I have a difficult time with Nings and NetVibes and Snowflakes is that I "over think it". Well, I don't get accused of over thinking much, it's actually quite the opposite. So when I think about dialing back my brain power, I have to stop in my tracks and meditate on being simpler. Simpler than I already am? Est-ce que c'est possible? Aahhh, mon Dieu!

Now, how can I use this power for good and not dalliance in shopping or nail care?

I feel like I'm putting a $5 bill in each of the pockets of my coats, jackets, blazers and hoodies...Spreading my information too thin for all of these pages. I'll never remember to check all of them. So I can make sure I don't have too many going at once.

Anyone else feel this way?

I'm going to check my jeans for change.


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  1. I like my Google Reader page and my Netibes page. Sometimes I just want to glance at what is happening in the world - these allow me to do just that.